SPH MediaBoxOffice Pte Ltd

Pick any large advertisers in Singapore and they are our client.

SPH Mediaboxoffice is in every corner of Singapore, from banking district, heartland malls, most Orchard road shopping center, petrol stations & immigration checkpoint.

I take pride to be the first to join this 3 months old shell company and with my extensive business & IT skills, turn it into a profitable company. This company went against traditional media like print, radio & TV, it was a huge gamble back in 2000 (with my own saving nonetheless) but we prevailed against all odds to be the largest dominant player in outdoor advertising.

Our unique IT deployment gave us a huge competitive lead over other players in the industry, for example: pushing breaking news into all the 600+ displays island wide in real time, interacting with the large outdoor billboard through SMS.

With SPH involvement, we were able to access a whole slew of international journalist and make further inroads in building a bigger brand name.